I have just finished watching our DVD for my 3rd time and am still crying. Those shots of the kids really captured the heart of the season and the personalities of each child. We will always treasure this gift. I just want to let Real Montage know how much we appreciate their skill. Also, the music that was picked was perfect and probably helped add some extra time to my emotional outburst!

Thanks again.

Rhonda ~ Portland, OR

We wanted to personally thank you for the wonderful montage you created.  This is probably the best I've ever seen.  Every child was featured, and this gives them something they'll have forever.  We watched it again last night, and it warmed my heart to see such an amazing group of kids who have touched our daughter's life through her years.
Peter and Barbara C. ~ Kona, HI

On Christmas morning, my parents opened up the DVD. When I told them what it was, my mom began to cry. My Dad was very thankful. When we got to the cabin, my aunt, uncle and cousin as well as my parents and brother all sat down and watched it. We all laughed at how dorky we all looked and my Dad loved the little captions. My mom and aunt started crying. My aunt got up and walked away saying she hated it. She didn't hate it, she just doesn't like to cry in front of anyone. My mom has continually told me how much she loved and appreciated that gift.

Thank you so much!

Erin ~ Edmonds, WA

I just had to send an e-mail and let you know how well your photo montage was received! Everyone loved it and we got a lot of comments on how well done it was and how nice it was to see all those old photos in such a special way! My parents were especially touched - my dad even shed quite a few tears watching it! My sister watched it several times before the party and still couldn't hold it together, so she had to put on her iPod during the party so she wouldn't cry so much (she said not hearing the music with it helped!) Everyone was very impressed and I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of this service!

Thanks again for all your hard work & the special treatment you gave to our project! We'll never forget it!

Sue T. ~ South Elgin, IL

I received the DVD and it's absolutely wonderful. I showed it to a group of people here and they loved it. Just want to say how pleased I am with the service you provided and the final product. I can't wait to play it at her party, everyone will love it. This is something she will treasure forever. I also want to thank you very much for turning it around so quickly. It was a pleasure working with you and you're very very talented and creative.

Words can't describe how beautiful it is and what this means to me and my husband. I will definitely recommend your work to all my friends and family. Thank you again!


Barbara B. ~ Clifton, NJ

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