What is a photomontage?
A photomontage is the process of putting together pictures, music
and video into a continuous form.
What if I have negatives and slides instead of prints?
We have the ability to digitize virtually any type of print and transparency media. Contact us for further information.

Can I choose my own music?
Of course. We encourage everyone to pick their own music. You must provide us with the purchased music of your own choice. Digital audio formats accepted only i.e. CD's, MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, etc. If you don't own a copy of the music you want we will purchase it for you at a cost of $1.10 per song.

Can I have copyrighted music in my montage?
Yes. The music in your photomontage must be your own. Any music you purchase for personal use can be used in your montage. Contact us for further information.

How long will it take for my photomontage to be completed once you have receive my pictures?
It usually takes around 10-14 days before you receive back your completed project. Rush orders are available. Please contact us for further information.

What type of digital image formats do you accept?
We can accept virtually all major digital formats i.e. JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PICT, PNG, PSD, PSP, ESP, PDF, AI, and SVG. If you have a need for any additional file formats please contact us.

What if my photographs are not digital, can I use them in my montage?
Yes. We can digitize them for you. A small fee will be applied for each image that needs to be scanned.

Can you crop out only a portion of a photograph that I want to use?
Yes we can. Just make a note of which images you want to be cropped on your order form.

Is there anything else I can add to my photomontage besides pictures?
You can add just about any visual and audio media you want, including video clips, paper documents, sound bites etc. Please contact us if you have a special request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What types of transitions and effects are available to me?
There are limitless options you can choose from for your photomontage, contact us for details. However it has been our experience that less is more when it comes to creating a photomontage. Too many rotations, flips, swirling transitions, face morphing and animated bumps tend to diminish the emotional connection that photos can have on its audience. We recommend using these options sparingly.

I want to include photographs that are old and a little damaged can you restore them?
There are limitations to what we can do with some print photographs but we will do our best to repair and restore them digitally.

How do I send my pictures to you?
We will provide you with our Real Montage organization guide and order form after you have selected a specific photomontage package. Our guide will help you to organize your photographs, videos and memorabilia getting them ready to ship them off to us. You can choose to burn a CD/DVD with your digital images or use our free uploading service by means of our secure FTP site. Contact us for details on how to do this.

My photographs are priceless to me. I'm concerned for their care. How will they be taken care of?
We know more than anyone that your photographs and videos are priceless. We will make sure that your photos are carefully processed to the highest degree of care and returned to you in the same condition that they were received.

How long do you keep a back up of my montage just in case I misplace or damage my own copy?
We will keep a backup copy of your montage for up to a period of one year. Replacements will be provided for a small service charge.

Will I be able to play my DVD on my DVD player?
We have spent a considerable amount of time researching and selecting the finest DVD-R material available to ensure maximum compatibility. The success rate of our product is around 99%. Almost all DVD players produced in the last 5 years are capable of playing our DVD's. Additional facts are included with our organization and guide packet.

What if I want you to organize my photographs for me?
We will do our best to organize your images for you. After an initial edit we will get final approval before we final cut your photomontage.

Can I preview my montage and make changes to it before I receive it?
Yes, as a part of our service we will provide you with a download link to view your montage. You can then decide to make changes prior to producing your final show.

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