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Optional Customizing Features For Deluxe Package

You have 250 Digital Photos included in your Deluxe Package. Additional photos are $2.00 each.

Extra photos

Photo Digitizing
We offer digitizing services for your photographs if they are not already in a digital format. Each digitized photograph is $1.00 per photo.

Photos to be digitized
Photo Touch-Up
Sometimes photos need to be touched-up. We provide photo restoration to remove imperfections and unwanted items. The cost for each restored photograph is $1.00 per photo.

Photos to be restored
Music Choices
There are 7 music tracks included in your Deluxe Package. Additional music tracks are $2.00 each. Music selections must be purchased or owned from your own collection.

Extra music
Title Pages
You have 7 title pages included in your Deluxe Package. Additional title pages are $5.00 each.

Extra titles
You have 3 DVD copies of your montage included in your Deluxe Package. Additional copies for family and friends are $10.00 each.

Extra copies
Motion Pan & Zoom Effects
The Deluxe Package includes a slideshow style photomontage. Applying pan and zoom effects to a slideshow montage creates movement to your video that is both impressive and gripping. It will rouse your viewers like nothing else can! To include this feature add an additional $125.00. See example

Motion Effects
Animated DVD Opening
The Deluxe Package does not include an animated DVD opening. An animated DVD opening is a sure way to impress the viewers with the importance of the message you are preserving. Use this dramatic feature and no one will be able to miss what it is you are trying to say! To add an animated DVD opening please add an additional $50.00. See example

Animated DVD
Chapter Selections
The Deluxe Package does not include chapter sections. Adding chaper sections allows the viewer the convenience of easy selections, with quick naviagation to all of your favorite slides. Adding a Full Chapter Menu is a sure way to get where you want to go quickly and easily. It is great for showing off your favorite scenes! A Full Chapter Menu is an additional fee of $30.00. See example

Voice Over Recordings
A voice over recording is a stirring way to capture the life of someone who has been important to you. It can electrify the montage by adding personal laughter, a conversation from the past, or even a speech you want to remember. Nothing can take the place of a loved one's voice. Allow Real Montage to immortalize the voices of the people you love most through a voice over recording. The Deluxe Pakcage has 3 voice over recordings included. To add additonal voice over recordings to your montage simply add $15.00 per clip.

Voice clips
Video Clips
Clips from your favorite home videos can be added to your montage to make it more captivating. Video can be both spell binding and powerful! If you are looking for a new way to tell your story dramatically then choose a video clip to inspire, to grip and to surprise! Video clips go hand in hand with a photo montage. The Deluxe Package has 3 video clip included. To add additional video clips simply add $30.00 per clip. See example

Video clips
Text Overlay and "Pop-Up" Captions
Text captions can be superimposed above, below or onto your images in your montage. Adding text captions to a montage can add humor and insight. It can leave a lasting imprint of what you want to say and what you want them to remember. Text overlays are just down right fun! The Deluxe Package includes 7 text overlays. To include additional text overlays simply add $10.00 per photo. See example

Text captions
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